Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'd like to hire you to work on my self-published book

Thanks for the offer but I really don't take self-published projects. There are some artists who do, you just have to look around on the web and ask around on boards.

There are sites like Dragonpencil where you can find illustrators and they offer services for people wanting to self-publish.

If you are self-publishing and are going to look for an illustrator, I would suggest you find one that you think will match the style of your book. If it is a picture book then the illustrations are extremely important.

I recommend you research very well and the more you pay the better the finished product and the best chances to sell your book. Don't ever think that by hiring an artists friend, art student, or any artists for that matter and offering them a ridiculous low amount is a good idea.

Creating art is hard work and artists live by what they gain from jobs like this, so please approach this in a serious manner and offer the most you are willing to spend. You'll end up with a better book.